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The Things We Do For Love

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I Want This Forever

“Forever yours…. Here I Stand”- Usher

I was sitting  going through my computer, stumbled upon a folder that said wedding.  This folder was created during the planning and execution phases of my wedding.  My best friend Obu and my bride to be(at the time) decided that it would be a good idea to have a poem on the back of the program.  I volunteered to do it, even though they were skeptical. I’m not the most poetic person, but I know I can write for the most part.  I searched for inspiration to come up with a concept. Now, one would think just getting married is concept enough.  I started listening to Usher’s album “Here I Stand”.  The title track of the same name started playing.  The last line of the chorus resonated with me.  That line served as the basis to the poem. So here’s the poem dedicated to my wife and ended up on the back of the wedding program……………………………….

To Have and To Hold
By Phillip Wilds Jr.

I sit here trying to put words together
I try to use this pen, as the instrument to profess my love
How does one describe love?
Is it a feeling, a chemical imbalance?
Battle scars from “love lost” taught lessons
Teaching one that the mind, will only do as the heart allows
The heart and soul yearn for completion
We long for our other half
The longing has ended
As she steps closer to our destiny
The march towards forever starts, with a kiss
As days turn to months
Months turn to years
Forever yours, to have and to hold


My Life, Your Entertainment

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The Spotlight Is Always On You!!!!

Life, no matter what phase of it your in can be a spectacle. There is always someone in the background watching your every move. Then you have those that are blatant with their inquistion of your daily activities. Some want to see you succeed. Most want to be around to watch you fail.

By nature human beings are curious creatures. This is one characteristic that can not be help. People must always be “in the know”. To be left in the dark when it comes to information is frowned upon. The chance to pass up the juiciest gossip is rarely passed up.

Conspiracy theories begin to get drawn up from the on lookers. Everyone has a say on the things you do. Opinions are armed and ready to be formed and/or distributed. Those things bring a whole other set of issues.

In business the “spotlight” is caused by rivals. Your rivals are always looking to replace you. Their goal is to find any kink in your proverbial armor. Most are just your rival in their own paranoid minds. At the end of the day it is about what you bring to the table.

In life the “spotlight” can be created by anyone in your life. It could be a total stranger that peeps your every move. It could even be the ones closest to you. These cases are the hardest to recognize. Just keep “the grass” cut for the snakes to show.

In relationships “the spotlight” can cause serious danger. The on lookers are there most times to inject venom into your personal situation. The toxins can become viral to your relationship. It should not be a you and me against the world situation, but everything that is in the dark comes to the light anyway. A good number of relationships fail due to outside entities.

At the end of the day, it goes back to trusting your instincts. For the “spotlight entities”, the world will kepp revolving whether you know someone else’s business. How can being in somebody else’s life make yours better? Worry about yourself……….