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In My Mind Series: Frankie- “If I Had You”

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What Ever You Want I’ll Be!!!!

This is one of those songs that are hot, but never seem to catch fire outside of those who like it. Released in 1997(I think), this song captured my imagination. A profession of what could be if you captured the object of your affections. A remix with Jadakiss was released a little bit later but pales in comparison to the original. Hope you guy enjoy…….

If I Had You


In My Mind Series: Groove Theory-“Tell Me”

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It’s On My Mind!!!!!!

Ever hear a song in your mind play repeatedly? It almost torments your thoughts, with a sweet melody. You try to sing it…. You try to hum it, just to get it out of your system. I had an epiphany. Why not blog whatever song starts to come to mind…. With that said, so begins “The In My Mind” Series!!!!!!!!

R.Kelly: Issues(What I Feel)

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My Personal Expression!!!!!!

Songs like this is what makes this man a musical genius. Music is an expression of self. I can put this song to zone out. It says evrything I want to say.