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When Parenting Goes Wrong(Revisited)

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The Joys of Parenthood!!!!

Some people are made to be parents. These are the ones parenting comes naturally to. Some people learn how to be parents. These are the ones that do not take to parenting right away, but after trial and error start to get the hang of things. Then you have people that probably have no business procreating in the first place. They are like that Evogue song singing,“Never gonna get it…. Never gonna get it…..Never gonna get it…. Never get it!!!!!”

Parenting Gone Wrong is a series I started as one of my earlier blog entries. I have not added a new installment after the initial entry. This series is based on people who put themselves in situations as parents that they probably could have avoided.

If your looking for parenting tips, you will not, I repeat, will not find them here. There is no golden rule to being a parent, but common sense should be prevalent. I’m not an Oprah who tells you how to be a parent, but has no children of their own. All I do is provide the information. You as the reader will dissever what I say in order to do what you will.

The ability to have a child does not mean you are the right person to be a parent. All it means is just what I said. I can not stress that enough. We see it all the time in our neighborhoods. “I don’t know why Ri Ri pregnant again. She can’t even take care of the ones she got!!!”

So people, I beg of you, do not let me observe you in a questionable situation with your child. If I do, you will be put on blast as…….

Another case of Parenting Gone Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!


When Parenting Goes Wrong!!!!!!!

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This is an example of a person who has no business having a child if they can’t control them.

This person clearly is not ready. That’s an ACS case in the making. He was running the show and all she could do was watch. If that were mine I would have busted that ass. lol!!!!! Yes lady you are officially ON BLAST!!!!!