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Saving Time

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Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time changes….  It changes you… It changes the people around you…  Time can be viewed as an enemy,  stealing away precious seconds from our youth.  Wanting to stay stuck in a moment of our lives,  we hang on to things that remind us of days gone by.  While we want the wonder years to remain,  the clock keeps moving.  Waste enough time,  you will look yourself in the mirror and wonder where did it all go.  As I log in my hours on life’s clock, hopefully I continue to gain wisdom that can be passed down to my children.  Things that they can pass down to their children and so forth.  That is the key to immortality.  In the end your legacy stays on this earth long after you have parted ways with it.  How we have decided to spend our time define who we are…. Always remember, your actions can possibly outlast  any clocks TICK… TOCK…. TICK… TOCK…


Mr. Wilds’ Life Guide 1: Acceptance

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Living Life The Wilds Way!!!!

One can not be disowned from something they were never a part of. Rejection can not be figured into the equation, because there was never acceptance. To look for this where it is non existent borders on ludicrous. To even care borders on insanity. What and who matters are already in place. Life is spent searching for acceptance, while the important aspects have already accept you as you are. The world loves a winner. What happens when you are not winning? When the gleam of the bright lights wear off, that is when you see what’s what in your life.

The Things We Do For Love

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I Want This Forever

“Forever yours…. Here I Stand”- Usher

I was sitting  going through my computer, stumbled upon a folder that said wedding.  This folder was created during the planning and execution phases of my wedding.  My best friend Obu and my bride to be(at the time) decided that it would be a good idea to have a poem on the back of the program.  I volunteered to do it, even though they were skeptical. I’m not the most poetic person, but I know I can write for the most part.  I searched for inspiration to come up with a concept. Now, one would think just getting married is concept enough.  I started listening to Usher’s album “Here I Stand”.  The title track of the same name started playing.  The last line of the chorus resonated with me.  That line served as the basis to the poem. So here’s the poem dedicated to my wife and ended up on the back of the wedding program……………………………….

To Have and To Hold
By Phillip Wilds Jr.

I sit here trying to put words together
I try to use this pen, as the instrument to profess my love
How does one describe love?
Is it a feeling, a chemical imbalance?
Battle scars from “love lost” taught lessons
Teaching one that the mind, will only do as the heart allows
The heart and soul yearn for completion
We long for our other half
The longing has ended
As she steps closer to our destiny
The march towards forever starts, with a kiss
As days turn to months
Months turn to years
Forever yours, to have and to hold

Love, Sex & Marriage

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To Make Love OR Not?

A few days ago, I had picked up the kids from my in-laws after work. I was sitting there talking to Mrs. Harris during a Oprah episode. Normally, I could careless about what Oprah has to say. Her four o’clock time slot just got in the way of my cartoons growing up. As an adult, I feel she gives advice on how to raise your children and marriage that is off base. That is like me telling a pilot how to fly a plane. You can not speak or give advice on subjects that you have no first hand knowledge of. I could go on for days on reasons I detest her.

Sorry for jumping off subject, but that gets me heated. So while talking to Mrs. Harris I started to pay attention to the subject matter. It was about the lack of physical intimacy between married couples. Maybe, subconsciously being a married man I took a particular interest in this. The thing about marriage is, anyone’s story can easily become yours. So I tend to pay attention to these kinds of things. I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

This one couple, the wife did not like kissing or being touched by her husband. That is just creepy by itself. This other couple did not have sex for two years. Amazingly neither party had cheated. ” I do not know how that can happen”, I thought to myself. Seriously who can go that long without not wanting to be with their mate. It is beautiful that both parties remained faithful during that time. Their main issue was due to conflicting work schedules. Which amazingly is a major problem with a good deal of marriages. The relationship expert on Oprah stated, ” 15% of married couple’s have sexless marriages”

Now let’s analyze my own situation for a moment. I have been married for almost two years. My wife has a job that requires her to be on call literally 24/7. My job at times requires me to work the most random schedules. Sometimes I work early in the morning or night shift that could be interrupted by a late night delay. I did not even get on the subject of having to raise two children. That itself is another fulltime job. Now, having a household with two working adults that have schedules that do not match can lead to many nights where one will just feel like sleeping. So I could see how that could delay intimacy. Maybe things are easier for couples, where one party does not work. Things also could be easier for a working couple that is childless. You have to go through your daily grind, then come home to do homework, prepare dinner, baths, and getting ready for bed. With all that to do the last thing on your mind after your done, is sex.

I basically left the door wide open for skeptics to say, ” That’s why I’m never getting married”. The most important thing is marriage is not for everyone, I do not advocate it just because it was right for me. I have been in every level of relationship, I can honestly say, marriage is nothing but a relationship. A relationship with a lot more at stake, but a relationship none the less. No different from living with someone for twenty years only to break-up. In some states it is considered a common law marriage, and your mate is still entitled to whatever is yours. Any relationship, regardless of status is a work in progress. Both sides have to be willing to put in the work to make it a successful union. That requires taking time for one another. People change over the years, so sometimes you have to take the time to get to know the person next to you. I’ll take the time out to rub her feet if she has had a hard day. She’ll make sure to stay up a little later for me to get home so we can have some alone time together. We’ll go on our dates as if it were our first. That is dedication, everything else takes care of itself.

A Decade Of Da Rock!!!!!!

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Doing 10 in Far Rockaway!!!!!!

I moved to Far Rockaway from Hollis, Queens December 10, 1999. To say moving from my comfort zone at 17 years old, is an understatement. I was leaving my friends, my immediate family, basically everything that I had came to know up to that point in my life. My thought was, “I’ll move for now and since I’m a Senior in Highschool college would soon be here, then I’m out.” The joke was on me in the long run.

Far Rockaway, reminded me of an old southern town. Everything was so far in between. Shit, they don’t call it Far Rockaway for no reason. This shit is far. Even the look of it had an “Old South” appeal to it. I found any and every reason to reject my new surroundings. This was not Hollis. This place is in the middle of no where. This place will never be my home. So I made sure that after the school week was done, I made my way back to my old neighborhood. So it remained for my first few years out here.

One weekend I decided I do not even feel like going to Hollis. So I decide I’m going to stay “home”. I came to realize that it was not as bad as I thought. I noticed it was kind of nice walking around where you did not have to worry about having to stop and hold faux conversations, because you know everyone since birth. I could move around without people all in my business. Little by little it started to feel like home. Then, I met my future wife in Brooklyn, but she happened to live out in Far Rock.

Now looking back ten years later, my “home” became my home. I’ve grown up during these last years. I’m proud of who I have become and who I am going to be. I miss those old Hollis Avenue days, but I look forward to these new memories I’m creating here. I salute you Far Rockaway. My home sweet home!!!!!!!!

“I grew up in Hollis, Queens but I became a man in Far Rockaway”
-Phillip Wilds Jr. (Can I Talk My Shit)

Jordyn’s Day!!!!!!!

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C Is For Cookie!!!!

November 24,2006
Envision me sitting there in scrubs as I await for her entry into the world. Honestly I was more releaved then anything. Once the doctors placed her in my arms, it was not until the moment she opened her eyes for the first time that it hit me, that she was my little girl. She did not cry or anything. All she did was look up at me as if she was stating her readiness for the world. Is the world ready for her yet?

That was the day Jordyn Mia-Erica Wilds joined the world. She is a force of nature all on her own. She treats everything as if she has been here and done this before. The warmth my heart feels when I watch her in action can not be measured. It’s almost like watching an artist create masterpiece after masterpiece. Her presence just leave you in awe, because she is so young.

The best part of my day is walking into the house after a long day at work, she runs to me with arms opened just wanting a hug. Even a simple “I love you daddy”, makes any day brighter.

She is the perfect combination. My sense of humor mixed with her mother’s take no shit personality. My love of technology mixed with her mother’s home skills. My sloppiness mixed with her mother’s organization. I think you guys are getting the point.

A general misconception is that she’s named after Michael Jordan or because I love Jordans. That’s not even close. Her name comes from the movie “The Best Man”. Nia Long’s character “Jordan” was a strong successful,opinionated, assertive, independent woman. How she went about her business struck a chord with Tasha. So she said,” If I have a daughter I’m going to name her that” I decided on the spelling. Funny thing is, that’s exactly how she acts.

Called by many names. Her Aunt Yvonne calls her “Boo Boo K K”. Her mother calls her “Jordy Wardy”. Her Aunt Shavonna calls her “Joy”(her first nickname) Shit, she calls herself iCookie. No matter what name she’s called, the fact remains that she is loved.

She the joy in our lives. She is the completion of a family. She is I. She is her mother. She is her brother. She is…….. I ask this question again… Is the world ready for her? I highly doubt it, but I’m having a blast finding out along the way.

HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY MY COOKIE MONSTER!!!!!!!! I love you with every fiber in my being….. Singing our song,”Daddy and Baby…. Baby and Daddy”

Jamaal’s Day!!!!!

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Your Day Jamaal

Dear Jamaal,
The first time I met you probably won’t even remember. You were one year old running around Delka’s BBQ. So small but so full of energy, that’s until you tired yourself out. Then you slept until it was time for you to leave. That same day is when I met your mother, who would go on to be my future wife. I actually saw you before I saw her. I didn’t know she was your mother, but I affirmed that day that she would become my wife.

We didn’t see each other again for another year at your third birthday party. That youthful exuberance still intact. You thought you were Kobe Bryant dunking on everything. Coincidentally that’s the day your mother and I decided to exchange numbers and we haven’t been apart since. One can almost say your the catalyst for the creation of our family.

You remind so much of myself when I was younger. Your smart and wise beyond your years. I could not have asked for a better son. A great big brother to your sister. Always a joy even though u have a smart ass mouth.

One of the proudest days of my life was when your mother and I went to Parent/Teacher meeting. Your teacher said about your mannerisms and how you spoke. They actually mirrored mine. Actually you had me to a Tee. Your Mother and I just looked like,”Wow he acts just like you” In that situation that was great to me. I finally felt as if I were having a profound impact.

Though we may not be bound by blood. We are bound by something stronger then science. The bond of Father and Son could never be broken once it is forged with love. There will be times that we will not get along. There will be times that you will even hate me. Always know I will never do anything that is not in your best interest.

I hope every wish you ever dreamed will come true on this special day.

Love You,