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The It Nigga Syndrome!!!!!! Part 1

Posted in Relationshit with tags , , , , , on March 9, 2010 by canitalkmyshit

Suffering From This?

I have been around mostly women my entire life. I am the oldest of six children, the only boy with five younger sisters. We were all raised by a single mother. I have numerous female friends. I have worked with tons of women closely over the years. Shit, I am raising a future woman in the form of my Cookie. Even with my rich history of dealing with women, I still do not understand shit they do. That really bothers me. Though I may not understand the curious ways of the opposite sex, I am very insightful on the subject.

The current basis of my rambling stems from a conversation, I had with my “Home Girl” the other day. Also, a Face Book post added fuel to this thought process. The statement goes as follows:

Where have all the good men gone? Because, I can’t seem to find one

That is a great question. Where have all the good men gone?

Now, some females generally just have bad luck when it comes to finding the right guy. Time and time again giving their hearts away, only to end up a casualty on the “Battle Field of Love” So, they first must be acknowledged.

You have a good number of females that suffer from a well known undiagnosed medical condition. Those are females suffer from what I like to call “The It Nigga Syndrome” or T.I.N.S. for short.