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Wearing the 45

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Nothing else to say….I’ll be catching up with you all soon!!!!!! CAN I TALK MY SHIT: The Return….. 


Can I Talk My Shit Again??

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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

I sit here amazed about how I have not blogged on here in so long. Almost like the toy you wanted so bad as a kid, only to drop it after a few games. I might have wrote this piece about 50 million times in my head. I must have drafted this a billion more times after that.

When people ask me about this blog and why I have not updated it in so long, I tend to come up with an excuse. It went from ,”Oh I’m going to get back on it.” To the more elaborate,” My internet don’t work in my area, so I have to fly to the moon to update my site.” When all the while I have been just too lazy to put the time and effort into this.

One thing I pride myself with this blog in my own authenticity when writing. I use my own thoughts and experiences to convey my overall message. I always feel like, if I can not give people that read this site the best of me I might as well not put forth a bullshit effort.

It is a challenge to find the inspiration or even material to write about. That is the god’s honest truth. One thing i have come to realize is, my life has always been all the inspiration I needed. With all that said, “I’m baaaaaaaack succccckkaaaaaaas”

Just Do It

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Quick Quote

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“A pretty good judge of character, maybe I mistaked a few
Cut some people off, but had no choice, it’s what they made me do
Why would you take advantage when it’s something I’d have gave to you?
And in the long run, it doesn’t take from me, it takes from you
You’ll probably tell me I’m a fucked up nigga
You got it wrong, I just won’t be fucked up with you
Which forces me get distant, and I never want to act a way with you
But passion and desire never blends with lackadaisical
No longer enable you, that’s no longer favorable”-Joe Buddens:” Castles”

Quick thought

Posted in Random Shit on August 6, 2012 by canitalkmyshit

Unfortunately we live in a time of over indulgence, sensationalism, and just plain ole’ stupidity. The next generation sees this, only to emulate.

One day I was on a Social Networking site, I randomly come across a picture. There was a man say my father’s age. His pose in the picture? He’s throwing up gang signs. Standing next to him? A young man around my age. Guess what how he’s posing? Next to him, a young kid around one of youngest sister’s ages, down to children the ages of my own. Guess what they are doing in their pictures? There’s a point to all this. They can have better but are we showing them better?

We grow with the mantra ,”I want my children to grow up better than I did”. Materialistically speaking is what we most referred to when making that statement. For example, my mother was a single parent. I have five sisters. So that meant I could not have all the hottest items when I wanted them, because realistically she could not afford to get them for me. When she she could she laced me from head to toe. So in turn I made that proclamation.

One thing I will say about my mother, the whole time I wondered why or what I did not have, she made me see and value what I did have. The type of things a price tag can not be placed on. She was in the process of building a better person. She knew something about the world that I could not grasp at the time. Between her, my grandmother and Professor Kenneth Peay (R.I.P), I had people in my corner invested themselves in me as a person.

The point of all this rambling is we have to think more about the generation behind us. They have enough negative visuals, whether it comes from entertainment or the kid down the block, without us adults adding to it. Setting a good example does not impede on a good time.

I myself am entering a stage in my own life where my children are noticing everything I do. So now when I do things I have to think about how it affects them. Even if I did not have children there is some child watching me somewhere wondering how I and why I do things. I think we children of the 80’s are becoming more hesitant to to take on that mentor role, because that means your youth is ending. We have to get in the business of building better people.

But then again, maybe I shouldn’t act like an old man right?


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This my private place. No wrong, no right. My thoughts. My heart put on display for the world to see. The zone I enter writing this blog is like no other. The life I live inspires me to share my thoughts. Everyone may not agree but fuck it. I do neglect my blogging duties a lot because it takes time to jot down a formulated thought. Especially when twitter give me a chance to speak as I think it. Also, I do not like to just post for the sake of having something posted. These are my mini masterpieces, that are very important to me. Art in literal form. Yeah its that deep. Lol. Sorry for the random thoughts.

All’s Fare in MTA & NYPD

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The Avoidable

As I write this, a young black man is probably being handcuffed. He is most likely on his way to the precinct for something he could have avoided. To be perfectly honest I do not feel a bit of sorrow for his situation. One thing about me is I keep it 100% real, especially when I'm writing these blog posts. So, I will tell my story and let you be the judge.

I get dropped off to the Aqueduct A-Train station so I can hear home from a long night at work. I see a NYPD officer going into one of their secret room in the train station as I swipe my metrocard. I had just missed my train, so now I have to wait about 20 minutes for the next one to come. One thing I have noticed about this particular train station is since the Casino opened, Police presence has been increased. Understandably, with people leaving the casino with their new found fortunes anything could happen to them.

I'm sitting for about 5 minutes when a group of young black adults, ranging from the ages of 20-25 come into the train station. A group of 3 men and 3 women. Now you know anyone coming from a perceived good time are automatically loud, regardless of race. Same goes for this particular group. They go to buy their metrocards to pay the fare. While doing this they become increasingly obnoxious, but a none threat to anybody. Just some young people trying to have a good time.

One young man and his female companion swipe their metrocard, with the young lady going through the turnstile in front. Two people going through on one swipe. I'm thinking ,"This Cop is going to come out any minute." I kept my eye on the door. Before I could finish blinking, he rushes out to apprehend the first group of turnstile jumpers.

While this is going on, the male and female with the loudest mouths are not paying attention to their friends getting booked, repeat the same action infront of the officer. Like really!!!! How dumb can you be???? Realizing his mistake, the loudmouth tries to turn around and pay for his fare now. Of course the officer is not having that, because he already detained the dude's friends, he watched him to through also while he was in the act of detaining.

The last group goes through properly, but the loudmouth starts arguing with the cop. His argument ,"I paid twice. I should not have to give my ID" The Cop's rebuttal," Yeah you paid twice, after you had already came through and realized what was going on with your friends right in your face. You were so busy being loud you did not even notice".

Now LoudMouth is getting upset. He refuses to give his idea on the grounds of his payed twice notion. Then he decides to pull "The Race Card". It becomes almost laughable, simply because your skin color did not put you in your current predicament. Your own stupidity did.

As I left, because my train was coming the officer was about to handcuff him, due to him becoming increasingly aggressive. Now he went from a fine to possible getting arrested all for $2.25 I just thought about, "What if this was my son who did this?" What do you think my reaction would be????