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Can I Talk My Shit Again??

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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

I sit here amazed about how I have not blogged on here in so long. Almost like the toy you wanted so bad as a kid, only to drop it after a few games. I might have wrote this piece about 50 million times in my head. I must have drafted this a billion more times after that.

When people ask me about this blog and why I have not updated it in so long, I tend to come up with an excuse. It went from ,”Oh I’m going to get back on it.” To the more elaborate,” My internet don’t work in my area, so I have to fly to the moon to update my site.” When all the while I have been just too lazy to put the time and effort into this.

One thing I pride myself with this blog in my own authenticity when writing. I use my own thoughts and experiences to convey my overall message. I always feel like, if I can not give people that read this site the best of me I might as well not put forth a bullshit effort.

It is a challenge to find the inspiration or even material to write about. That is the god’s honest truth. One thing i have come to realize is, my life has always been all the inspiration I needed. With all that said, “I’m baaaaaaaack succccckkaaaaaaas”


Quick Quote

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“A pretty good judge of character, maybe I mistaked a few
Cut some people off, but had no choice, it’s what they made me do
Why would you take advantage when it’s something I’d have gave to you?
And in the long run, it doesn’t take from me, it takes from you
You’ll probably tell me I’m a fucked up nigga
You got it wrong, I just won’t be fucked up with you
Which forces me get distant, and I never want to act a way with you
But passion and desire never blends with lackadaisical
No longer enable you, that’s no longer favorable”-Joe Buddens:” Castles”

Dear 20’s

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Going Out With A Bang!!!!


Dear 20’s,
I realize our time together is coming to an end. I just wanted to say a few things to you before we part forever. I know your busy with those who are still under your umbrella, but please hear me out for a second. By the time you receive this letter I may have already left your side. Hopefully, I can get these thoughts to you before hand.

When we first met March 12,2002, I had no idea what you had planned for me. Truth be told, I was just excited at the chance of meeting you. I was a know it all who knew nothing about life. You knocked me on my ass right away. “My homie 19 would have never done that to me,” I thought. I did not know that was your way of preparing me for the changes that would come during our time together.

Somehow you knew it would take more than the number of my age to make me a man. I can honestly say I’m leaving you better than when we met. Just look at me. I have changed so much. It was all thanks to you.

During our time together I have gone through the most changes I could possibly go through. I met the woman who I would ultimately decide to share my life with. Now that I think of it, she was with u also. I became father. I have lost . Through everything good or bad I leave stronger. I became a man. I became an adult.

Why do things have to change? Why can’t I just stay stuck in this period with you forever? You knew better than me that our time together has to be for this period. It just feels like it all went away so fast. I’ve been blessed to enter and leave you 20’s with the same team I came to you with. Even we have all changed. Be good to my 201st Brethren while they are still with you, since I won’t be around you guys in that capacity anymore. I’ll be there to greet them at the next decades door.

This is is our last weekend together. March 12,2012, I meet the number that’s going to keep me for the next decade. It’s been fun while it lasted. We’ll see each other again. You still have my family and friends. So I’ll peek on you guys from time to time. Not to mention your going to meet my children on your own specific journeys together. Oh, but as for us we’ll link up again October 23,2028.  Until then I bid you farewell, but this weekend we’re going to do it like we used to.  In honor us!!!!!

Thanks For The Memories,

Phillip Wilds Jr.(Can I Talk My Shit?)

Most Known Unknown

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The Things We Don’t Say!!!!!


So with Valentine’s Day 2012 wrapped up, noticed there are a lot of unhappy women that tend to say fuck Valentine’s Day. It really should be more like ,”Fuck every relationship decision you have made until now. Most will say they do not hate it, just what it represents as an excuse*(Stop me if you have never heard that before)*. Since I’m such a helpful guy, let me put you lonely females on to some game so that next year you will not repeat the same mistakes that lead you to hate February 14th.

    Learn How To Cook:

If you do not have this issue, please disregard. If you have not acquired domestic skills, such as cooking you will never keep a man. I’m not saying take it back to the 50’s, for women to stay home, but nobody wants to eat out all the time. Also, have you never heard the saying ,” The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach?”. This has not changed. Knowing how to take care of a home does not inhibit your independence.

    No Party Rocking:

Remember that Eddie Murphy song “Party All The Time?” Ladies no man wants to date a woman who is always in the club. Occasionally is cool, but if your purpose in life is knowing what spot is jumping, especially after a certain age, the sweetie your lost. Relationships take time to develop, clubbing takes time away from that. Once again, there is nothing wrong with partying and having a good time. There is something wrong with excessive partying. If you have a young child/children, shouldn’t your ass be home? No decent man is going to respect you sacrificing being there with your children at night to go shake your ass.

    Dress for Success:

Think about getting a man like a job interview. If you don’t dress the part how can u get the job u want. They say do not judge a book by its cover, but ladies if your book has on some skimpy shit we aren’t trying to read past fucking. Also, if your on a social website and all the pictures are of you half dressed , poking your ass out, don’t be offended when the message your receive on a daily basis is, “So when we fucking?” Present yourself classier and you’ll be respected with class.

    Power of Pussy:

Value your own Vag. That’s not saying you can’t give it up, everything has a time and place. Pick the right time. Every dude you meet is not going to put worth in your Vag, especially of you do not yourself. Of course no one want to wait forever for sex, but to take that consideration for yourself, we men remember that kind of thing.

    Remember The Time:

Ladies, don’t place importance on nonsense like remember certain dates. A man is not gonna remember when you first blinked your eye at him. At the end of the day non of that stuff matters. It sweets if he or you does remember, but it is not be all and end of all of things.

    Get Past The Past:

Ladies, if you are carrying the scars of a previous relationship into a new one then your doomed to fail. Unfortunately, when you put yourself out there is a chance you can get hurt. Now, if the person you are with isn’t the one that hurt you. Why should he pay for his predecessor’s mistake? Fix yourself then get with somebody.

    Battle Worth Fighting:

Ladies, fighting is cool but pick and choose your battles. Everything isn’t worth a fight. Your job is to be his companion. Not his mother. Nobody wants to be nagged. Don’t feel a certain way and not say it. Men can’t read minds. Contrary to what you may believe.

    Act Like A Lady:

A man doesn’t want a woman that speaks worse than he does.,”Yo my nigga what’s good” Who’s going to take that kind of speech seriously? If you hold yourself to a certain standard then he will respect that, but that don’t mean you gotta be stuck up with your shit. We want someone we can take in public, that has some damn etiquette.

    Behind Closed Doors:

Never ever let anyone into your business. your relationship is your relationship. An outside entity can destroy your relationship faster than the ones in the relationship. Don’t let people in your business good or bad. Keep your shit in house.

    It Nigga Syndrome Revisted

Ladies, how do expect to have a relationship with somebody that ain’t shit morally. They seem to have it together financially, can get you into V.I.P. in the club, but treats you like shit. Start looking for a better quality of man. By better quality I’m not talking about a nigga that is just gonna trick on you. I’m talking about quality of character. Also, stop choosing dudes that only want you to come to see once the sun goes down. If he has 12 kids and don’t take care of em.. 1) why would u want a nigga like that 2) don’t get knocked up… You are not that special. Think higher of yourself. Find someone that could best for you.

Good pussy alone will never keep a man. What else of substance can you bring to the table?Ladies, finally don’t be saying you don’t care about Valentine’s day, because your a fucking liar. If you had somebody worth it to your ass would care. Follow my lead and you’ll never be lonely again ladies.

Saving Time

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Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time changes….  It changes you… It changes the people around you…  Time can be viewed as an enemy,  stealing away precious seconds from our youth.  Wanting to stay stuck in a moment of our lives,  we hang on to things that remind us of days gone by.  While we want the wonder years to remain,  the clock keeps moving.  Waste enough time,  you will look yourself in the mirror and wonder where did it all go.  As I log in my hours on life’s clock, hopefully I continue to gain wisdom that can be passed down to my children.  Things that they can pass down to their children and so forth.  That is the key to immortality.  In the end your legacy stays on this earth long after you have parted ways with it.  How we have decided to spend our time define who we are…. Always remember, your actions can possibly outlast  any clocks TICK… TOCK…. TICK… TOCK…

Heard It All Before……

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Plagued by Redundancy

Wow only three posts this year.  You know, people I did not even notice how little I posted this year.  Actually I have noticed I’ve neglected my blog.  I know, I know every time I don’t blog for a while, I always say I’ll do better.  I actually tend to get worse.  Sorry about that.  Most people won’t care, but there maybe that one person that actually looked forward to my blog posts.

As for right now, I’m just enjoying the summer with my family.  Work is always busy with random schedules.  Going to the Dominican Republic with the family in two weeks, so that should give me great material.   I could really use a vacation honestly, plus this is the first time the kids are leaving the country.  I can’t wait.

As always to whomever reads my thoughts, I appreciate the support.  For those that don’t, like seriously what the fuck is wrong with you. LOL!!!!!  I’ll keep you all posted on my adventures more often…. Oh blame twitter for my absence.  I tweet too much to jot down a single thought…. Follow me @italkmyshit (shameless plug)….. Be good people!!!!!!

It’s All About You!!!

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Mrs. Wilds… No Hyphen

By Phillip Wilds Jr.

The taste of you,

Still crosses my lips

The scent of you,

Embedded on my pillow

The touch of you,

Still caresses my soul

The thought of you,

engages my mind

The love for you,

Always in my heart