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In My Mind Series: Frankie- “If I Had You”

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What Ever You Want I’ll Be!!!!

This is one of those songs that are hot, but never seem to catch fire outside of those who like it. Released in 1997(I think), this song captured my imagination. A profession of what could be if you captured the object of your affections. A remix with Jadakiss was released a little bit later but pales in comparison to the original. Hope you guy enjoy…….

If I Had You


In My Mind Series: Another Bad Creation: My World

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I’m Only A Kid!!!!!!

I have said this before in previous posts, but it remains true. Some songs just resonate with you more then others. When I was a kid this song said everything I wanted to say. How many of us really felt like adults took our concerns seriously? I think we adults (especially figures of authority), tend to forget what it was like for us as children. We get so caught up in our own worlds, we forget they have their own. I wanted to revisit that time for me with a song that meant so much.

In My World

*Shout out to “The Box” version of the video. I tried to find a clearer version*

Realm Of Darkness

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The Darkness!!!!

The silence of the night covers me…. Darkness has taken it’s toll… The black hole, that which is me absorbs everything around my atmosphere…. A void of nothingness that can not be filled… No matter how much is tried… Can not be filled… Something inside eats at me… Consumes my very being… Keeps me in the realm of darkness…. Keeps me from the light….. Everyday a part of me is taken away…. I lose more of myself…

Something keeps me going…. Something wakes me up everyday….. Tries to get through to me…. That’s why…. I force myself to see… Force myself to dream…. Force myself to believe…. Force myself to be… What I am… What I am… What I am………

*Written by me in 2001*

Thoughts of A….

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Thoughts of A Young Black Man

The thoughts of a young black man…. Are the thoughts of the past, present, and future….. The thoughts of the slave, the cry of freedom are imbedded in him….. The thoughts of a nation of color lost, losing their culture are imbedded in him…. The thoughts of generations to come are imbedded in him….The past, present, and future are but forever linked…, all imbedded in this young black man…….

*Written by me in 2001*