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Jamaal’s Day!!!!!

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Your Day Jamaal

Dear Jamaal,
The first time I met you probably won’t even remember. You were one year old running around Delka’s BBQ. So small but so full of energy, that’s until you tired yourself out. Then you slept until it was time for you to leave. That same day is when I met your mother, who would go on to be my future wife. I actually saw you before I saw her. I didn’t know she was your mother, but I affirmed that day that she would become my wife.

We didn’t see each other again for another year at your third birthday party. That youthful exuberance still intact. You thought you were Kobe Bryant dunking on everything. Coincidentally that’s the day your mother and I decided to exchange numbers and we haven’t been apart since. One can almost say your the catalyst for the creation of our family.

You remind so much of myself when I was younger. Your smart and wise beyond your years. I could not have asked for a better son. A great big brother to your sister. Always a joy even though u have a smart ass mouth.

One of the proudest days of my life was when your mother and I went to Parent/Teacher meeting. Your teacher said about your mannerisms and how you spoke. They actually mirrored mine. Actually you had me to a Tee. Your Mother and I just looked like,”Wow he acts just like you” In that situation that was great to me. I finally felt as if I were having a profound impact.

Though we may not be bound by blood. We are bound by something stronger then science. The bond of Father and Son could never be broken once it is forged with love. There will be times that we will not get along. There will be times that you will even hate me. Always know I will never do anything that is not in your best interest.

I hope every wish you ever dreamed will come true on this special day.

Love You,


Get That Dirty Money

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A Letter To Mr. Combs

Dear Diddy,

As a longtime fan, I feel as if I have an invested interest in the success of your new album “Last Train To Paris.”  I can’t understand why a man as smart as you can not realize the current music that you are putting out is borderline disastrous.  Your new single “Angels” is terrible.  Maybe it is my own fault for holding you to a standard that you could not possibly reach again.

I can’t even lie the production work on the new songs are amazing.  It’s not a case where your like a prized fighter who does not know when to stop fighting.  In your fight to stay musically relevant, your starting to lose the battle.  Maybe you hear something that we all do not, but I’m waiting to hear what you do.

Press Play

What the hell is up with this “Dirty Money” nonsense anyways.  You had to pick the worst two females in the history of music.  It is almost as if you wanted to be the prettiest one in the group.  Did you seriously need a group?  You’re turning a bad situation into a no win situation.

Dirty Money

Your the same man that brought “The Notorious B.I.G.” to the masses.  The same man that dropped “No Way Out.” I can not accept this as your current opus.  In this day and age music is crying out for a hero.  Someone that can change the game again.  Right now as it stands, music is more manufactured then created.  Instead of breaking boundaries, you go and get Auto Tuned.

As someone that witnessed the height of your musical career, I’ve seen what your capable of.  Can you reach the same height to which you have once soared? Most likely not, but that does not mean you do not have more to offer the game.  Think about it sir.


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