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Can I Talk My Shit Again??

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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

I sit here amazed about how I have not blogged on here in so long. Almost like the toy you wanted so bad as a kid, only to drop it after a few games. I might have wrote this piece about 50 million times in my head. I must have drafted this a billion more times after that.

When people ask me about this blog and why I have not updated it in so long, I tend to come up with an excuse. It went from ,”Oh I’m going to get back on it.” To the more elaborate,” My internet don’t work in my area, so I have to fly to the moon to update my site.” When all the while I have been just too lazy to put the time and effort into this.

One thing I pride myself with this blog in my own authenticity when writing. I use my own thoughts and experiences to convey my overall message. I always feel like, if I can not give people that read this site the best of me I might as well not put forth a bullshit effort.

It is a challenge to find the inspiration or even material to write about. That is the god’s honest truth. One thing i have come to realize is, my life has always been all the inspiration I needed. With all that said, “I’m baaaaaaaack succccckkaaaaaaas”


Realm Of Darkness

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The Darkness!!!!

The silence of the night covers me…. Darkness has taken it’s toll… The black hole, that which is me absorbs everything around my atmosphere…. A void of nothingness that can not be filled… No matter how much is tried… Can not be filled… Something inside eats at me… Consumes my very being… Keeps me in the realm of darkness…. Keeps me from the light….. Everyday a part of me is taken away…. I lose more of myself…

Something keeps me going…. Something wakes me up everyday….. Tries to get through to me…. That’s why…. I force myself to see… Force myself to dream…. Force myself to believe…. Force myself to be… What I am… What I am… What I am………

*Written by me in 2001*

Thoughts of A….

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Thoughts of A Young Black Man

The thoughts of a young black man…. Are the thoughts of the past, present, and future….. The thoughts of the slave, the cry of freedom are imbedded in him….. The thoughts of a nation of color lost, losing their culture are imbedded in him…. The thoughts of generations to come are imbedded in him….The past, present, and future are but forever linked…, all imbedded in this young black man…….

*Written by me in 2001*

King Holiday!!!!!!

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For A King Celebrate!!!!!!

In honor of the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. A man who’s dream reached it’s apex with the election of our first Black President. His sacrifice was so all people can be considered equal. Even in this day in age we still have some ways to go, but we have been headed in the right direction. Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!!!!

Jordyn’s Day!!!!!!!

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C Is For Cookie!!!!

November 24,2006
Envision me sitting there in scrubs as I await for her entry into the world. Honestly I was more releaved then anything. Once the doctors placed her in my arms, it was not until the moment she opened her eyes for the first time that it hit me, that she was my little girl. She did not cry or anything. All she did was look up at me as if she was stating her readiness for the world. Is the world ready for her yet?

That was the day Jordyn Mia-Erica Wilds joined the world. She is a force of nature all on her own. She treats everything as if she has been here and done this before. The warmth my heart feels when I watch her in action can not be measured. It’s almost like watching an artist create masterpiece after masterpiece. Her presence just leave you in awe, because she is so young.

The best part of my day is walking into the house after a long day at work, she runs to me with arms opened just wanting a hug. Even a simple “I love you daddy”, makes any day brighter.

She is the perfect combination. My sense of humor mixed with her mother’s take no shit personality. My love of technology mixed with her mother’s home skills. My sloppiness mixed with her mother’s organization. I think you guys are getting the point.

A general misconception is that she’s named after Michael Jordan or because I love Jordans. That’s not even close. Her name comes from the movie “The Best Man”. Nia Long’s character “Jordan” was a strong successful,opinionated, assertive, independent woman. How she went about her business struck a chord with Tasha. So she said,” If I have a daughter I’m going to name her that” I decided on the spelling. Funny thing is, that’s exactly how she acts.

Called by many names. Her Aunt Yvonne calls her “Boo Boo K K”. Her mother calls her “Jordy Wardy”. Her Aunt Shavonna calls her “Joy”(her first nickname) Shit, she calls herself iCookie. No matter what name she’s called, the fact remains that she is loved.

She the joy in our lives. She is the completion of a family. She is I. She is her mother. She is her brother. She is…….. I ask this question again… Is the world ready for her? I highly doubt it, but I’m having a blast finding out along the way.

HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY MY COOKIE MONSTER!!!!!!!! I love you with every fiber in my being….. Singing our song,”Daddy and Baby…. Baby and Daddy”

R.Kelly: Issues(What I Feel)

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My Personal Expression!!!!!!

Songs like this is what makes this man a musical genius. Music is an expression of self. I can put this song to zone out. It says evrything I want to say.

My Life, Your Entertainment

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The Spotlight Is Always On You!!!!

Life, no matter what phase of it your in can be a spectacle. There is always someone in the background watching your every move. Then you have those that are blatant with their inquistion of your daily activities. Some want to see you succeed. Most want to be around to watch you fail.

By nature human beings are curious creatures. This is one characteristic that can not be help. People must always be “in the know”. To be left in the dark when it comes to information is frowned upon. The chance to pass up the juiciest gossip is rarely passed up.

Conspiracy theories begin to get drawn up from the on lookers. Everyone has a say on the things you do. Opinions are armed and ready to be formed and/or distributed. Those things bring a whole other set of issues.

In business the “spotlight” is caused by rivals. Your rivals are always looking to replace you. Their goal is to find any kink in your proverbial armor. Most are just your rival in their own paranoid minds. At the end of the day it is about what you bring to the table.

In life the “spotlight” can be created by anyone in your life. It could be a total stranger that peeps your every move. It could even be the ones closest to you. These cases are the hardest to recognize. Just keep “the grass” cut for the snakes to show.

In relationships “the spotlight” can cause serious danger. The on lookers are there most times to inject venom into your personal situation. The toxins can become viral to your relationship. It should not be a you and me against the world situation, but everything that is in the dark comes to the light anyway. A good number of relationships fail due to outside entities.

At the end of the day, it goes back to trusting your instincts. For the “spotlight entities”, the world will kepp revolving whether you know someone else’s business. How can being in somebody else’s life make yours better? Worry about yourself……….