Quick thought

Unfortunately we live in a time of over indulgence, sensationalism, and just plain ole’ stupidity. The next generation sees this, only to emulate.

One day I was on a Social Networking site, I randomly come across a picture. There was a man say my father’s age. His pose in the picture? He’s throwing up gang signs. Standing next to him? A young man around my age. Guess what how he’s posing? Next to him, a young kid around one of youngest sister’s ages, down to children the ages of my own. Guess what they are doing in their pictures? There’s a point to all this. They can have better but are we showing them better?

We grow with the mantra ,”I want my children to grow up better than I did”. Materialistically speaking is what we most referred to when making that statement. For example, my mother was a single parent. I have five sisters. So that meant I could not have all the hottest items when I wanted them, because realistically she could not afford to get them for me. When she she could she laced me from head to toe. So in turn I made that proclamation.

One thing I will say about my mother, the whole time I wondered why or what I did not have, she made me see and value what I did have. The type of things a price tag can not be placed on. She was in the process of building a better person. She knew something about the world that I could not grasp at the time. Between her, my grandmother and Professor Kenneth Peay (R.I.P), I had people in my corner invested themselves in me as a person.

The point of all this rambling is we have to think more about the generation behind us. They have enough negative visuals, whether it comes from entertainment or the kid down the block, without us adults adding to it. Setting a good example does not impede on a good time.

I myself am entering a stage in my own life where my children are noticing everything I do. So now when I do things I have to think about how it affects them. Even if I did not have children there is some child watching me somewhere wondering how I and why I do things. I think we children of the 80’s are becoming more hesitant to to take on that mentor role, because that means your youth is ending. We have to get in the business of building better people.

But then again, maybe I shouldn’t act like an old man right?


2 Responses to “Quick thought”

  1. CRISSYL❤VE Says:

    No you are not an old man… It’s best to acknowledge and take responsibility for your own actions… I know exactly how you feel…. This is one of the reasons I don’t let my children watch television…(I hardly watch it)… In reality we all want to be a good mentor to our own children and ppl who look up to us in general… But the fact is we are products of our environment…. So we sometimes don’t govern how homes and lives as we should… Miss communication because of all the other stresses and things that come in life’s daily routines.. I say that to say “I don’t let my children watch tv, yet I might play my music super loud around them… I am not perfect and nobody is” and sometimes I say wtf? And this ratchetness… But in that pic you seen… Can you imagine what they were bought up knowing or where they lived???? Not saying its right or wrong… But I do agree we have to do better as a race/community in raising our future leaders(children) …

    • Absolutely correct C.L. We all have our short coming which makes us human. No matter how much we want to be perfect we are always going to fall short. I try to check the influences on my children but you can not protect them from the world. We can prepare them as best we can and hope the things we teach them stick. My thoughts are more of being aware that the children are indeed the future, but we hold the present that shapes it for them.

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