Living in Capitalist Society

What’s Fair?


So I buy decide to buy the latest edition of the famed NBA 2K series(NBA 2K12), less than a week ago. I was not really feeling the changes in the game, so I decide to take it back to GameStop for store credit. I get to the register, the clerk offers me $25.00 for a game that I purchased a week ago, that’s technically about a month old.

Here is where it gets interesting. I pay $60.00 for a game. I then go on to play it, decide I don’t like it, take it back and get credit for it. GameStop, who is the merchant I patronize then offers me $25.00 for the game. They will take that same game the gave me $25.00 for, turn around and sell the “Used Copy” for around $50.00 to the next unsuspecting sucker. Only for the cycle to run its course again.

“Power To The Gamers”

That “Power” that they lead us to believe we have when shopping there is an illusion. The “Power” really is in the hand of the industry. Imagine if a store actually credited you fairly, for a game that’s practically brand new. That would not happen, because the profit marine could not be maximized if say someone trades in a game that came out last week, they return get say $45-50 back and gets sold back for $50-55. The company turns a slight profit on the game, but that’s not beneficial to keep the cogs in the machine moving.

A main reason they offer such littler store credit even for discourage mass returns. Everyone would play a game for a few days and bring them back for almost all their money back. There really is not balance that can be struck with this. Game stop will continue to offer low return credits, unless it benefits them to raise it during say a popular release. We will continue use them to support our gaming addiction. Real power lies with whomever has the coin to make the rules. Fair? Maybe not, but then again maybe it is.



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