Heard It All Before……

Plagued by Redundancy

Wow only three posts this year.  You know, people I did not even notice how little I posted this year.  Actually I have noticed I’ve neglected my blog.  I know, I know every time I don’t blog for a while, I always say I’ll do better.  I actually tend to get worse.  Sorry about that.  Most people won’t care, but there maybe that one person that actually looked forward to my blog posts.

As for right now, I’m just enjoying the summer with my family.  Work is always busy with random schedules.  Going to the Dominican Republic with the family in two weeks, so that should give me great material.   I could really use a vacation honestly, plus this is the first time the kids are leaving the country.  I can’t wait.

As always to whomever reads my thoughts, I appreciate the support.  For those that don’t, like seriously what the fuck is wrong with you. LOL!!!!!  I’ll keep you all posted on my adventures more often…. Oh blame twitter for my absence.  I tweet too much to jot down a single thought…. Follow me @italkmyshit (shameless plug)….. Be good people!!!!!!


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