Nothing But The Truth

Who Knows For Sure?

I normally am not a person who forces my opinion onto another human being. I encourage free thinking. I may not agree with every thought, as long as it is your own then fine with me. I am also not big on politics either. My blog is not a forum to even speak on these kinds of things, but it is on my mind so I’m going to do what I do best: TALK MY SHIT!!!!

I come to find the world so preoccupied with the notion of secret societies and conspiracy theories that we are starting to lose touch with reality. Besides these are things I could careless about, but who am I to tell you what to believe. I have my own daily battles to fight without trying to interject myself into your though process.

Let me say this and this will be the only time I ever speak on my thoughts about The Illuminati. Could it be real? Maybe it is, but then again maybe it is not. For a “Secret Society” supposedly hiding in plain sight, we all sure know a ton of information about them. Supposedly, every successful person has links to The Illuminati or damn near everyone. Now say, I find a way to make a billion dollars tomorrow, I bet all that money that people I knew all my life would say, “That nigga Phil gotta be down with the Illuminati or sold his soul to the devil to a get that kind of bread!!!” You all can stop reading the rest of this post if you think I’m lying.

How else would they explain me putting in long hours,working my self to the bone, sacrificing time with my family all to improve my own situation? I would still be the same Phillip everyone knows, but I would have to have supernatural or secret help. That in itself is non sense, but since I’m not rich this conversation can take place at a later juncture.

Conspiracy theorist are another story all together. I’m not naïve enough to believe everything that I’m told. These kind of people challenge the everyday belief of what we believe the truth to be. Free thinking at its finest, I think. They live by the term, “Wake up people”, to explain that our lack of awareness that they seem to have. Shit some of my best friends believe the world to be “Sleeping”, caught in the matrix. I applaud them for not accepting what is fed to us on daily basis.

A theory in concept has not been proven, thus remains a question mark. The point of a conspiracy is to challenge the general perception of the truth in order to reject it. Now, in order to form an theory one has to obtain information to form it. How are you suppose to know the information you happen to find is indeed the real truth? One will stand by their truths to the death of them, which there’s nothing wrong with that honestly. Forcing your truth on someone makes you no better than the people you believe are lying to us.

It is not enough to challenge one side of a perceived truth, but everything about it should be questioned. To each’s own though. As stated earlier, I’m not here to force my own opinion on anyone. Just some random thoughts brought together. I have the honor of helping raise two wonderful children. I will teach them to think freely, so they can find their own truths and not accept someone else’s version of it.


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