Phil’s Series of Unfortunate Events

Oh What A Day!!!!

August 12,2010

There are somedays where nothing seems to have the desired result. Any and every that could possibly go wrong does. “Somebody in the cosmos has it out for me,” you think to yourself. Well, today was such a day for me. I do not believe in any form of luck, good or bad, but I could have used some good luck.

The day started out with me over sleeping my alarm. The ringing went off, while I continued to roll over. I finally get up and realize that I may be late, so I hop straight in the shower. I finally make my way to work. The train came as soon as I got to the station, helping me make it to work early for once.

I slide my hand in my bag to retrieve my I.D. only to come up empty. I proceed to check all of the pockets to the same results. Well if I didn’t work at the airport(JFK) then this would not be an issue. I work after security in what is called a secured area, meaning without an Port Authority I.D. or boarding pass getting in is not an option. I end up having to turn around, go all the way home, and come back to work.

After the I.D fiasco, my day starts to flow ok. The early part starts to come together as I work my way into a groove. Things start to look up. I decide to go to Mc. Donald’s to get my breakfast. I order a Sausage, Egg & Cheese Mc Griddle with a coffee. I go find my seat so I can eat, open my bag to find that I only got two sugars for my coffee. I’m thinking ,”What the fuck am I going to do with two sugars!!!!!”. I decide to leave that issue for last, because that Mc Griddle was calling my name. I bite into my sandwich savoring that first taste. I take a second only to taste the bottom piece of the Mc Griddle cold and hard. I’m thinking, “How the fuck do you only heat up half a sandwich?”. Instead of taking it back, I gut the sandwich to eat the insides. Now, I have to walk to Starbucks to get sugar for my coffee. So much for breakfast!!!!!!!!

Breakfast was a disaster, making question the decision to leave the house. I decide to make the best of the remainder of my work day. Work finishes rather quickly, leaving me with an optimistic feeling regarding the remainder of my day. Little did I know the joke was on me. The day had other plans for me………..


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