Phil’s Series of Unfortunate Events 2: Following The Yellow Brick Road

A Day That Keeps On Giving!!!!

I have had some bad days, but this one goes on my Top 10 list easily. The whole time I think, “Staying home would have been safer.”. My day started to improve as the work day finished. I feel a calm come over me at the thought of going home. There truly is no place like home. “The Day” just could not leave me alone.

My journey home started like any other trip home. The normal Airtrain to Howard Beach, then the A train. I get to Howard Beach right as The A train comes. This is great because it is about a 10 minute trip. “I’ll be home in no time,” I thought as I boarded. I sit back waiting the train to push off, but it is not moving.

“We are delayed, because the Broad Channel Bridge is open. We will be moving shortly,” the conductor announces over the P.A. system. Now, it is going to take a little longer then expected, but still I’m fine with that. I start playing with my phone as I wait. I decide I’ll start a new blog entry about my day. I do not get to it right , because I had some other rough drafts to go through. As I do this I’m unaware of how much time has gone by.

I stop what I’m doing to call my wife to see what she’s up to. As we are talking I say,” I’m at Howard Beach, the bridge is open so the train is still sitting here. As a matter of fact that was 45 minutes ago.”. I kind of shocked myself at the amount of time waiting at the station. We hang up, I wait another 30 minutes for the train to push off.

I get to the next station Broad Channel an announcement comes on, “Due to problem closing the bridge, Broad Channel will be the last stop. For passengers continuing to Far Rockaway, there is shuttle bus service outside the station.”. Everyone on the train get the same dejected look on their face that I have. I rush outside the train station knowing that a crowd would be forming for the shuttle. Funny thing happens, there is no shuttle bus. Now, you have hundreds of stranded, angry commuters with no way to get home.

The Broad Channel station is not too far from Cross Bay Blvd, there we could catch the bus. On Cross Bay there are two options to take. The Q53(Limited Stops) and the Q21(Local Stops) to reach Far Rockaway. The closest stop to the train station actually has both buses listed. Now my only problem is there is a mob of people all waiting for the same two buses. Bus after Bus pass the crowd, not wanting to stop. The size keeps increasing due to train after train becoming out of service. I get a bright idea.

“I should walk to the next bus stop before this one, instead of waiting with this crowd. I’ll have a better chance at getting a bus to stop,” I thought. A few other people had the same idea, but not as many as the group that was at the bus stop. So I proceed to the next bus stop which happens to be a Q21 stop. About 30 minutes later, two Q21’s bypass this stop that I’m at. Frustration starts to take over. “Fuck this I’ll just walk to another stop,” thinking now besieged with anger.

I start to walk, but there is no bus stop in sight. Did I fail to mention it started raining by this time, walking with suede loafers, and no umbrella. This walk took forever. Literally, I was walking for about 30 mins. The only good thing was no bus had passed during thins time. I finally complete my journey. I finally catch a Q53. I take it to the Q22 stop so I can finally get home.

I get to this next bust stop, only to see another crowd. A Q22 comes right away, but due to the size of the crowd everyone could not get on. I have to wait for the next one. I catch this one. I get home in about 5 mins. As I walk down the block all I can think is,” My Chinese food from last night better be I’m the refrigerator”

As, I approach the fridge an erie feeling overtakes me. “I know it’s not in there. This will top everything off. Greedy asses!!!!”. I grab the door handle and pull the door slowly. I close my eyes in order to brace myself for unwanted results. It’s open now and so are my eyes, my food is there. My glorious food is where I left it. The smallest things can mean so much.

As I eat my food, I sit back and reflect on the perils of my day. The Day won, but I got my food. That is all that mattered in the end. I thought it would be a good time to update my blog. Share with the world what happened to me. I begin to type.

There are somedays where nothing seems to have the desired result……….


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