In My Mind Series: Christina Milian Feat. Ja Rule-“Get Away”

Can We Get Away????

This song got lost during Ja Rule’s platinum run. Def Jam at the time was setting up Christina Milian to be the next big pop star. For some reason she never appealed to listeners. Aside for a modest hit, “Dip It Low”, she’s had a rather less then mediocre career. Ja Rule had become one of the biggest music stars during this time. His career was never recovered after 50 Cent’s rise to popularity. Say what you want about the man, but there is no denying the quality of music he put out during his run. He is now more known to this generation as the guy who’s career 50 Cent derailed as a opposed to an artist who’s music dominated the charts at one point. She is more known now for who she has been involved with (Nick Cannon, Dre from Cool & Dre, & The Dream) as opposed to her talents as a dual threat(actress & singer). I now take you back to a time when both artists showed nothing but promise with a great song.

Get Away


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