Got A Story To Tell

What In The World??

So, I’m looking for my NBA 2K10 Playstation 3 disk that my daughter lost Sunday night. My search takes me into my Step-Son Jamaal’s room. His room is always a mess, so it is not exactly easy to find anything in there. While looking under his dresser I see a little black box. I continue looking for my game not really paying any mind to the box. I then start pulling out the junk under the dresser, glance over, only to see a box of Magnums on the floor.

My intial thought is,” Let me find out only is Jamaal beating on something, he’s holding!!!” Well that can not be the case, because he’s seven years old. A normal person probably would have blown a gasket, especially since I worked at night the previous day. The mind can start racing to many conclusions.

So, the first thing I do is I.M. my Cousin-In-Law Keith on AIM, because he watched Jordyn the day before. The Conversation went as follows:
*Prolific0n3 is my screen name*

So then I decide to call my wife to ask her about the mysterious box of Magnums. “Did you know there was a box of Magnums on Jamaal’s floor?”, I asked. “Yeah, I was wondering where those came from”, she responded. “I just thought that was from the batch we had used right after Cookie was born.” I interjected,”Tasha, that was almost four years ago.” “Just ask Jamaal, maybe he took them from his father’s house” , she says. We both agree and hang up.

Keith drops Jamaal off. He steps in laughing at the situation. Jamaal walks in the door as he always does. I then ask him while pointing to the box,”Jamaal did you bring condoms home?” He quickly responded with a nod. I then asked,”Where did you get them from?” “I got them from Pa Pa. He forgot he put them in my pocket. He bought them in the store then took some out and put the box in my pocket. He said they were for kissing girls”, he responded.

For those that do not know, “Pa Pa” is what Jamaal & Jordyn affectionately call Tasha’s father. My Father-In-Law is a decent guy, so I do not think he meant anything by leaving the condoms in Jamaal’s jacket. Why in the hell would you have condoms around a seven year old? Then again, he is known for doing funny things like this. We just kind of left it at that . I guess the situtation will come up again if Jamaal has questions.

How would you have handled it ??

3 Responses to “Got A Story To Tell”

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  2. wow! I once had a 4 year old in my class bring 3 bags of weed to school. they were in his bag next to his pull ups lol ’til this i dont know the real story of how they got in there b/c every1 had like 2 stories a piece….smh

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