Sleep? Who Needs Sleep?

in·som·ni·a [in-som-nee-uh]
1. inability to obtain sufficient sleep, especially when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness.

in·som·ni·ac [in-som-nee-ak]
1. a person who suffers from insomnia.
2. having insomnia: a nervous, insomniac person.
3. of, pertaining to, or causing insomnia.

Since the age of 11 I have been a “Night Owl”.  Endless nights spent staying awake for no apparent reason. As a student my late nights actually allowed for some of my more impressive scholastic achievements. As I got older, lack of sleep gave me the added time to enjoy extra curricular activities. Now as an adult it is a source of frustration. Most nights I wish that I could just come home to my bed, so I can enjoy the wonders of a good night’s sleep. Do I have a problem? If so, how do I remedy it?


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