A Decade Of Da Rock!!!!!!

Doing 10 in Far Rockaway!!!!!!

I moved to Far Rockaway from Hollis, Queens December 10, 1999. To say moving from my comfort zone at 17 years old, is an understatement. I was leaving my friends, my immediate family, basically everything that I had came to know up to that point in my life. My thought was, “I’ll move for now and since I’m a Senior in Highschool college would soon be here, then I’m out.” The joke was on me in the long run.

Far Rockaway, reminded me of an old southern town. Everything was so far in between. Shit, they don’t call it Far Rockaway for no reason. This shit is far. Even the look of it had an “Old South” appeal to it. I found any and every reason to reject my new surroundings. This was not Hollis. This place is in the middle of no where. This place will never be my home. So I made sure that after the school week was done, I made my way back to my old neighborhood. So it remained for my first few years out here.

One weekend I decided I do not even feel like going to Hollis. So I decide I’m going to stay “home”. I came to realize that it was not as bad as I thought. I noticed it was kind of nice walking around where you did not have to worry about having to stop and hold faux conversations, because you know everyone since birth. I could move around without people all in my business. Little by little it started to feel like home. Then, I met my future wife in Brooklyn, but she happened to live out in Far Rock.

Now looking back ten years later, my “home” became my home. I’ve grown up during these last years. I’m proud of who I have become and who I am going to be. I miss those old Hollis Avenue days, but I look forward to these new memories I’m creating here. I salute you Far Rockaway. My home sweet home!!!!!!!!

“I grew up in Hollis, Queens but I became a man in Far Rockaway”
-Phillip Wilds Jr. (Can I Talk My Shit)


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