R.Kelly ft Tyrese: Pregnant

Kells & Tyrese Want to Borrow Your Womb Ladies!!!!

Nigga ain’t even trying to marry no more…. Just have a baby by me….. That’s good enough…lol


2 Responses to “R.Kelly ft Tyrese: Pregnant”

  1. This is a hot mess….between him and 50 I don’t know what message they are trying to send to young girls and women in the bad part is they are stupid enough to go along with it, look at Lil Wayne planting seeds everywhere

  2. The dumbest part about the whole have a baby by me movement is that, having a child by someone is a bigger commitment then marrying them…. With marriage u can always get divorced and not see that person ever again. Now with a child, even if you never see them again you have that constant reminder of them. You have to deal with that person in some way, shape or form for the rest of your life.

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