Sight Beyond Sight

The Ability To See What’s Not Before You!!!!

The mind is such a complex structure. A person can actually be made to believe something that could totally be the opposite of what they stand for. It is just a matter of one party’s perception out weighing the other. The line gets blurred when the opposing party can not determine their own argument, because they fail to have an analytical mind.

This goes even further then a simple debate. The ability to see a situation for what it really is, another lacking area. We are a skeptical society by nature. Most things are not believed unless tangible evidence is found. I can say to you all day, ” The sky is blue”. Unless you see a blue sky, your inclined not to believe me. Getting past our own visual perception can be key.

We all have a relative that has a “Third Eye” or a “Sixth Sense”. The one that is always having the dream about something or someone. Does that make them psychic? They probably are not, but they are the personification of what I’m talking about. The difference between them and yourself is that they have honed in on seeing what is not there.

Anybody ever wonder why “Matlock” always gets his clients off? In the movies, the protagonist knows something no other character does. Do you see what I’m getting at? Your eyes can play tricks on you. It is all about trusting your instincts.


One Response to “Sight Beyond Sight”

  1. LOL its funny I just did a similar post to this on why I got my tattoo.

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