Fuck the MTA!!!!!

So I’m sitting here at work, while my wife calls me to inform me that two young women have gotten raped in our neighborhood. She learned of the incident on Channel 7 news. Smh

One young lady raped in back of the same church my wife and I were married at. So what does this have to do with the MTA you ask? Well the answer is everything. Due to their neglegance regarding public safety this could have been avoided.

To understand what I mean I will explain.

The MTA is currently renovating a few of the train stations through out Far Rockaway. The Beach 67th Street Station(my station) happens to be one of them. They are currently working on one side of the platform. So I can leave for the city at my station, but coming back I have to get off at the Beach 60th Street Station. Once a person get off there, you have three options to get to your destination. One can go to the other side of the platform and take the train back to their stop. One can walk up the block to catch a bus or just walk to your destination. Late at night public transportation operates less frequent l, so a person is more inclined to walk to save time. Once you make the decision to walk you have 2 routes that you can take. One is under the train rails, the other is to walk to Beach Channel Drive. Each route is just as dangerous as the other.

Knowing this sure you can say, “If a person is armed with this knowledge, why would they take the chance?” Now when it’s late and you want to go home, your going to take the quickest route possible. Which is what I’m thinking these young ladies did.

Why didn’t the MTA take in account public safety when taking on these projects? Why didn’t the MTA make the proper provisions to protect the people that utilize mass transit? This is the same MTA that is spending millions of dollars on this project to appease the new class of people moving into the Rockaways. The same MTA that raised the fares a few months ago. The same MTA that claiming to be going broke due to increasing service expenses.

The problem with things like this is that the common person gets lost in the shuffle. The decision makers have to be thinking about these kinds of things happening. So the end result now, because of the media exposure they have lights and cops out tonight. Now what happens when the glaring stare of the media is off of the area? Are they going to secure the services of the police to ensure the people are safe during their travels? Most likely not.

I guess all we can do is enjoy the night lights and police escorts while they last. That’s what they are banking on. The peope need an outlet where their voices can be heard screaming,” Fuck The MTA!!!!!” Michael Jackson was right. ” They don’t really care about us.”


2 Responses to “Fuck the MTA!!!!!”

  1. Yes this is crazy you should be able to walk home without anyone bothering you when I lived in my old neighborhood I never had a fear of walking home late at night no matter what the situation was because I knew everyone but when the neighborhood began to change I started to get nervous but fact is no matter what no man has the right to rape a woman.

  2. the news trucks were out there all night last night, along with the police. let’s see what happens tonight..

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