Fake Thug No Love

Why do we live in an age where it’s better to pretend about who you are. There are too many young men claiming to be “hood” and don’t know the first thing about it.

These idiots listen to hip-hop trying to live as their idols portray in their songs. Now just because a rapper tells me getting shot is cool. Does that mean I should go and get shot. Stop it you fucking dummies.

Exhibit A: David McGeachy (Yeah nigga I’m putting you on blast)

This little motherfucker ain’t never had to be on the streets a day in his life. He runs around with punks ass niggas that get beat up in they own hood. ( What part of the game is that) Oh I forgot to mention he swears he’s a blood. Runs around disrespecting the only one who will have his back at the end of the day(his moms) You dumb ass at the end of the day your homies ain’t Gonna have your back, like your mom will. I can picture his ass getting locked and crying in his cell for her. Why be who your not?

What happens to young men like David is that, the excuse is always ,” My father is not around” Fuck that!!! I grew up without my father and I’m not on that bullshit. Never have been. It takes mote courage to stand on your own, then it takes to run with a click.

Nine times out of ten, your life will not be what you see in a video. Self awareness is key. Knowing who you are is the only way to survive the daily grind. Yeah you can run around with your boys and get into the shoot em up gun play action, but are you built to deal with that. Are your built to stand up to the repercussion of that. For every action there is a reaction.

There are too many young men such as David caught up in the hype. When there are real killers out there that will shoot you without blinking. Are you built to withstand those types? Think about it?


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